Facebook or Google Which Is The Best Place To Market Your Products


Facebook Vs Google: Which Is The Best Place To Market Your Products


The social media is gaining huge popularity. Within a very short span, huge portion of the population in the world has accepted different social media platforms. They are using these channels to communicate with the people of different geographies. Before discussing anything more, let us have a view on the statistics. The Facebook is the largest social media platform which has around 2 billion active users. Other platforms like twitter, pinterest, linkedin also have huge number of users. Among all of the platforms, the Facebook has emerged as the best social media platform to brand your products.

Before discussing this, we should discuss different features which are provided in the Facebook Page. In the recent update, the Facebook has added new features in its page in order to add functionality. Look wise and feel wise, the page appears as a PHP based website. It has different sections in the menu bar like the home, about, store option, location, official website, etc. Among all the features, let me discuss the store option. In this, you can upload the images of your products. From here, your followers can make purchases using this platform.

Let me discuss, the marketing strategies which are used in this platform. The Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to market your products among its users. The algorithms which it uses for marketing are considered as most effective. It provides you the opportunity to advertise your product based on geography, age, gender, interests, etc. You can use filters to advertise your products in the cost-effective manner.

Which Is The Best Place To Market Your Product? FB or Google

The Google is considered as the largest marketplace. This is the most popular search engine and provides you the largest online platform for marketing. It not only shows advertisements during the searches but also advertise your products on the websites of its affiliate partners.

It provides you the flexibility to run different advertisements. It has a tool popularly known as Google Adwords, from where you can easily get the ideas on how to run the ads. The keyword planner is also provided to give you the best results in regard to the searches. If someone is aware of the marketing techniques, then (s) he can easily run very effective campaigns.

Now to pick between the two, both have merits as well as demerits. To run an advertisement on FB is a very simple task. For companies having low budget can opt for this. If you are selling products like apparels, footwear, home appliances, etc, then it is definitely the best place.

Google Adwords are for those who have huge budget to advertise their products. Here, you have to pay for each click. Moreover, you need to bid very high in order to advertise your products on the first page of the searches. It provides flexibility to advertise your product demographically.

We can infer from the above discussion that if you have low budget, then you should opt for Facebook Ads. The reason behind this is that it gives clicks at very low price. You don’t need to have huge amount to run ads on this. If you have huge amount to spend, then go for Google. Being the largest marketplace, it will help in online advertising of your products in different geographies.

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