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  • why E-commerce Store choose  Google Shopping Ad

    why E-commerce Store choose Google Shopping Ad

    What’s the simplest on-line ad channel and campaign sort that I’d advocate for e-commerce store house owners with restricted ad budgets? As a digital selling authority United Nations agency works with several tiny and medium sized e-commerce ventures across the world, I hear this period and once more. My answer is often the same: it’s […]

  • Web Hosting Provider for your Online Business

    Web Hosting Provider for your Online Business

    Hosting providers Picking a reliable hosting provider is really a challenging task. Often , people think that it does not matter what hosting provider to choose. It is a typical mistake. Yes, you may have a great website and even excellent search engine rank, however , you certainly will face difficulty with your site and […]

  • How to add local events to google search results

    How to add local events to google search results

    recently google introduced local events on google search result, currently it’s only available in google application and mobile search, shows up special event box menu categorized with today,tomorrow, this weekend and next week etc, user can find details very simply from this options, also events list event date time,place image etc. google added user search […]

  • Get Likes And Followers On Instagram

    Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. Use hashtags nstagram is a mature, full-fledged social network that uses hashtags to organize and categorize its vast collection of image and […]

  • Remove personal data from the internet

    Remove personal data from the internet

    Have you ever wondered what information web pages have on you or your business? Just perform a simple Google search and check out the results! You will get surprised that they even know your dog’s name, some photos you took while very drunk are there as well. Even some stupid videos you took way back.   […]

  • Optimise your site

    Optimise your site

    How search engines work is part of their proprietary knowledge. The exact workings of their algorithms are closely guarded commercial secrets. However, guidance to how these algorithms (or algos) work can be found or deduced from various sources. Some general guidance is available free, directly from the search engines’ own web sites. Some guidance can […]

  • Tricks To Market Your Website

    Tricks To Market Your Website

    New Year is ready to knock your doors with new dreams, challenges, and opportunities for your business. No matter, how many mistakes you have done in your past year, it’s time to correct them all. This may give a kick-start to your career and let you touch the new heights in your business. The first […]

  • Facebook Marketing Tips

    Facebook Marketing Tips

    By being the number one social media platform, Facebook has gained attraction from many business owners to be used as a tool for their number one source of traffic, branding and sales. Smart businesses use this tool to get an edge over others by creating relationships with their existing and potential customers using different strategies. Here are a […]

  • YouTube Live or youtube broadcasting

    Live your events using YouTube Live / youtube broadcasting YouTube Live or youtube broadcasting is free and there is no limitation for watching, also live video will recorded to your channel With Google Hangouts, you can host up to 10 people in a video conversation and also share a stream of that Hangout. As a […]

  • Resize images with Linux

    Resize images with Linux

    Use Linux command line. Resize multiple images with Linux is very simple by using ImageMagick suite. First of all, let’s install ImageMagick that includes lots of tools to manipulate images. To do that, execute following command in terminal window: $ sudo apt-get install imagemagick Now, lots of new commands are available (check ImageMagick command line […]