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  • mysql service stops automatically

    The most common reason why MySQL is not running is that it stopped or failed to start as a result of not enough memory. This can usually be seen by attempting to start the mysql server (“service mysql start” on Ubuntu and some other systems) and then reviewing the mysql error log (usually in /var/log/mysql/error.log […]

  • Say Hello World In 27 Different Coding Languages

    Around 95% Programmer/Coder starts their programming life with a simple program that says “Hello, World“. I’m one of those 95% Programmer/Coder, and today I’ll show you how you can say “Hello, World” in 27 coding languages. 1. Bash echo “Hello World” 2. Basic PRINT “Hello, world!” 3. C #include int main(void) { puts(“Hello, world!”); } […]

  • Free DigitalOcean server

    Free DigitalOcean server

    DigitalOcean server Digitalocean is a popular Cloud computing company, Digitalocean provide solid state drives (SSD) in Simple Pricing, starts from $5/mo include 512MBMemory 1 CoreProcessor 20GBSSD Disk 1TBTransfer All Plans Include Solid-State Drives (SSD) Global Image Transfer DNS Management Private Networking 99.99% Uptime SLA US, Europe & Asia Locations Here we describe how to setup […]

  • How to Create a Custom Validation Rule in Laravel

    Step 1 : Define the rule:   Validator::extend(‘gmail’, function($attribute, $value) { $domain = explode(‘@’, $value); return (isset($domain[1]) && $domain == ‘’) ? true : false; }); In the above code, gmail is the name of the of our newly created validation rule. The method will return return TRUE if the validation is passed else it will return FALSE.  Step 2 : […]

  • Best php frameworks

    Best php frameworks

    If you develop applications in PHP, here are some of the most important PHP frameworks and libraries that you should know about   Laravel –  The PHP Framework For Web Artisans   Whether you’re a solo developer or a 20 person team, Laravel is a breath of fresh air. Keep everyone in sync using Laravel’s […]