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  • Peace international school

    founded by M M Akbar ( Meleveettil Muhammad Akbar) he is an Islamic schooler.Peace international schools have 20+ schools in india, head office in Kozhkode List of Peace International School in Kerala Calicut Trivandrum Peace International School – Ernakulam Kollam Thathappilly Kottakkal Mathilakam Vengara Chakkaraparambu Kasargode Payangadi Manjeri Peace International School Trikaripur Peace international school Vision […]

  • Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services: Understanding its viability With the internet enjoying immense popularity among users across the globe, digital or online marketing is said to have gained wide recognition. The majority of the businesses are noticed to make use of this tool to benefit from it. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand its workings. Online marketing […]

  • Why HostGator Is the Perfect WebHost

    Why HostGator Is the Perfect WebHost

    HostGator is constantly at the arise plus its currently the most impressive utilized typically accepted internet hosting companies you will see from the internet hosting field. You canhostgator hosting find, without a doubt a lot of explanations why they may continue to keep do well from when they were together with stay on the very […]

  • Shwas Homes

    Shwas Homes

    Shwas Homes Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd is trusted and major builder in kochi,hq in vyittila, they have 25 projects and 1400 happy customers, shwas project value is more than 1100 Crores.shwas homes founded Mr.Sreeni Parameswaran and Mr.Shaji Ayyappan shwas homes focusing on real-estate, villas, apartments, studio complex etc. major projects : Mystic Bells An affordable […]

  • difference between wordpress hosting and normal hosting

    difference between wordpress hosting and normal hosting

    Just a quick run down of WordPress hosting; WordPress hosts (by name) – Shared accounts – cPanel (Centos/Apache/Litespeed) – Renamed regular cPanel accounts WordPress – May suggest cache and security plugins – May be limited in help – One-click installation – Emails and all the other bells and whistles you get in a cPanel account […]

  • Hostinger review

    Hostinger review

    Hostinger is scam, as in fact almost everything is not “promotion” (supprted by the seller itself, as advertising cost) – there are not free commercial stuff in this world, if it’s free always ask yourself: “Who pays?”. Hostinger launched with much fanfare about 1 year ago (since I have account with them, if not earlier), […]

  • Review of DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr

    A Developer’s Review of DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr I have a side-by-side comparison for you of the best and worst features of some of the largest cloud computing companies currently around. I am going to write based mostly on my own experience, and not a spec comparison because anyone can do that just by looking […]