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  • difference between wordpress hosting and normal hosting

    difference between wordpress hosting and normal hosting

    Just a quick run down of WordPress hosting; WordPress hosts (by name) – Shared accounts – cPanel (Centos/Apache/Litespeed) – Renamed regular cPanel accounts WordPress – May suggest cache and security plugins – May be limited in help – One-click installation – Emails and all the other bells and whistles you get in a cPanel account […]

  • Download WordPress through terminal and cleanup

    Remove Ftp Connection from plugin installation define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

  • WordPress Email Not Sending in VPS

    You will need to install an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) on your droplet in order to route mail for PHP. You can do this simply by installing postfix or sendmail on your droplet.   sudo apt-get install sendmail Configure hosts file correctly: nano /etc/hosts And make sure the line looks like this: localhost localhost.localdomain […]

  • Upload logo wordpress

    Upload logo wordpress

    Theme Customizer should be active on your theme already. When you click Customize, you should see the header options in there. To add a new section that allows custom logo upload, try something like this Add this code on function.php Then add following code in to your header.php file <img src=”<?php echo get_theme_mod( ‘alts_logo’ […]

  • Add github code in wordpress

    Add github code in wordpress

    Add your code in Gist add the below code into the child theme functions.php file Then copy your Gist file URL, example :   Remove Username , example :   Then Add this URL to your wordpress post

  • How to Create a bootstrap WordPress Theme

    How to create a basic bootstrap WordPress theme To start to design and develop your theme, create a theme folder in your  wp-content/themes/your-theme/ we need following files in theme directory index.php header.php footer.php sidebar.php style.css   The layout of your website will look like   Header.php file Footer.php Sidebar.php final Index.php […]