Technologies that will change PC Features in near future



Technology coming up in future ,is set to make PCs more interactive ,fun and perhaps noiser than you would like them to be.

Apple’s iPad changed the way people viewed computers and spurred PC innovation .Hardware designers drew ideas from mobile devices, gaming consoles and even 3D printers to rethink the PC, and the resulting new technologies will have a profound effect on how laptops and desktops are used next year and into the future.

The most interesting idea is Intel’s “wire-free” PC, in which wireless technology will replace display,charging cables as well as data transfer cables.

Chip maker intel will show an experimental laptop that has no ports,and relies completely on wireless technology to connect monitors and external storage devices.

Interactive computers will have 3D cameras that behave more like eyes,with the ability to recognize objects and measure distances.

Sensory input through sounds & touch will help PCs respond to and anticipate our needs.

As usual with the development in technology PCs will get thinner,faster,lighter and will have long battery life.And the most interesting thing is that the games and movies will look smashing with higher-resolution dispalys.By the way there’s no doubt that the new technology will come with a price.

Below I have given some disruptive technologies that could change the face of computing in the near future.



  • Wireless charging

DSC02082-970-80 rezenence-table

Place a laptop on table,so that it automatically start to charge.No need to carry power bricks and no need of wires.Thats the technology that Intel introduces in future through wireless charging.Intel wants to make wireless chargers as easy to find as a Wi-Fi signal,and wants to bring the technology to restaurants,airports and other public places so that laptops,tabs can be recharged without power adapters.



  • Wireless displays



With Intel’s wireless display you are able to play any kind of content wirelessly from your mobile device on your big screen.Intel’s WiDi allows  you to watch vedios,display photos easily without the clutters of cables.You can get quick,reliable connections with low latency.



  • Creative desktops

From the origin the desktop has become the hub of creativity & imagination.Most common example is HP’s Sprout.It looks like a normal all-in-one PC,but packs the latest imaging and collaboration technology.At the base of Sprout is a giant touch pad called a Touch Mat,which is a dual-purpose digital canvas on which images can be scanned and also manipulated.

A 3D depth sensing camera lodged in Sprout scans the objects placed on the Touch Mat.For an example if we place a coffee mug on the canvas,the 3D camera will scan it to depth & size.A projector  on the top of sprout  can then reflect the scanned image of coffee mug on the Touch Mat,which helps the artists to manipulate by touching the digital canvas.

HP says the scanning  & manipulation could be useful for creating objects that could be 3D-printed.



  • Interactive Computers.

Computers will become more perceptual with a combination of gesture,voice and visual recognition technologies being installed in PCs.In near future 2D cameras in PCs will be able replaced by Intel’s  RealSense 3D cameras,which helps to recognize objects and even measure distance between items.

Camera’s Kinect-like gesture recognition capabilities will also make PC gaming hands free and interactive.

Intel has adorable goals aiming to combine visual,voice and sound input to recognize human moods and expressions.while those won’t happen in future the 3D camera will certainly make skype chats more fun.



  • Biometric sensors


Intel is ready to provide  softwares which allows the  users to log in to websites via biometric authentication.

It serves two purposes.

  • Biometric authentication is relatively reliable and secure.
  • User won’t have to remember dozens of passwords for different sites.

Apples already uses  biometric authentication to authorize credit card payments through its Apple Pay Service,and Intel wants to bring a similar concept to PCs.



  • Thinner,faster,lighter & better products



Computers will get thinner as PC makers introduce laptops that are as thin as 15 milimeters.

Computers will offer longer battery life with the new Broadwell and Skylake  processors from Intel and  Carrizo chips from Advanced Micro Devices.


                                           Stay calm & experience the new  technologies…


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