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  • How laboSoft – Pathology Software | Lab Management Software helps automated billing process

    Running a pathology lab and lab management is not a easy task, always keep eye on responsibilities like patient specimen collection, staff management, equipment checking, diagnostic process and deliver Pathology lab result to end user at time. Probably human make mistakes, We all make them, it is part of what makes us human but when […]

  • Why Republic TV and Arnab Goswami attacks Kerala often

    Why Republic TV and Arnab Goswami attacks Kerala often

    We know that Republic TV is a free to air Indian news channel launched in May 2017. It was co-founded by and Arnab Goswami and Rajeev Chandrasekhar Some of the media funded by political parties, we know about that.Indian media face changes significantly over the last decade. Political parties use media as a weapon against […]

  • Peace international school

    founded by M M Akbar ( Meleveettil Muhammad Akbar) he is an Islamic schooler.Peace international schools have 20+ schools in india, head office in Kozhkode List of Peace International School in Kerala Calicut Trivandrum Peace International School – Ernakulam Kollam Thathappilly Kottakkal Mathilakam Vengara Chakkaraparambu Kasargode Payangadi Manjeri Peace International School Trikaripur Peace international school Vision […]

  • Installing OpenVPN on Ubuntu 17.10

    #1: Installing OpenVPN We can start with installing using terminal, install open vpsn and easy-rsa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install openvpn easy-rsa # 2: Setting Certificate We need to setup certificate on our server, also manage this certificates $ make-cadir ~/openvpn-ca $ cd ~/openvpn-ca Edit vars using nano editor other editior $ […]

  • why E-commerce Store choose  Google Shopping Ad

    why E-commerce Store choose Google Shopping Ad

    What’s the simplest on-line ad channel and campaign sort that I’d advocate for e-commerce store house owners with restricted ad budgets? As a digital selling authority United Nations agency works with several tiny and medium sized e-commerce ventures across the world, I hear this period and once more. My answer is often the same: it’s […]

  • Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services: Understanding its viability With the internet enjoying immense popularity among users across the globe, digital or online marketing is said to have gained wide recognition. The majority of the businesses are noticed to make use of this tool to benefit from it. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand its workings. Online marketing […]

  • Web Hosting Provider for your Online Business

    Web Hosting Provider for your Online Business

    Hosting providers Picking a reliable hosting provider is really a challenging task. Often , people think that it does not matter what hosting provider to choose. It is a typical mistake. Yes, you may have a great website and even excellent search engine rank, however , you certainly will face difficulty with your site and […]

  • Why HostGator Is the Perfect WebHost

    Why HostGator Is the Perfect WebHost

    HostGator is constantly at the arise plus its currently the most impressive utilized typically accepted internet hosting companies you will see from the internet hosting field. You canhostgator hosting find, without a doubt a lot of explanations why they may continue to keep do well from when they were together with stay on the very […]

  • How to add local events to google search results

    How to add local events to google search results

    recently google introduced local events on google search result, currently it’s only available in google application and mobile search, shows up special event box menu categorized with today,tomorrow, this weekend and next week etc, user can find details very simply from this options, also events list event date time,place image etc. google added user search […]

  • find Affordable Expired Domains

    find Affordable Expired Domains

    Expired domains are domains that the owner has let expire, has forgotten about or no longer wants. Every day there are people in the SEO community that make a living in the expiring domain auctions. That’s a whole other topic. Today we’re going to focus on finding expired domains for the lowest possible cost and […]

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