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Hostinger is scam, as in fact almost everything is not “promotion” (supprted by the seller itself, as advertising cost) – there are not free commercial stuff in this world, if it’s free always ask yourself: “Who pays?”.

Hostinger launched with much fanfare about 1 year ago (since I have account with them, if not earlier), as part of the system of “free hosting” centered around
+ Host,
and so on.

Obviously, the main problem would be that for google matters if you host a kids website on a server that also hosts porn sites. I checked this and I also met this associations in about 50% of the examined cases (checked with domaintools, the servers of hostYD, 2013), so the objection might not be relevant.

The main problem is that it is in fact a scam: generally the guys who do stuff like that do not let you host your account unless you register your domain (either yours or through them), but after that it remains trapped with that reseller “for security reasons”, so you can not move it to another reseller inside the network, unless you convince the current one to delete it (if he knows how, of course).

Hostinger braged that you’re allowed to delete your domain, which is essentially FALSE: after you have removed the domain from hostinger account, you can not re-enroll it somewhere else in the network, so you CAN NOT MOVE within the network.

They use of course shared hosting, meaning from the start it come with with limited resources, but all managers of those websites listed above are free hosting resellers, which means that they do squizzing (force you to upgrade) to sell premium packages which cost of course more than the market price. Some are smarter / diplomatic than others, but most do not have the culture of marketing and do what others do, they LIMIT resources for your account so you have server error every 2-3 hits on any of the pages, making virtually impossible to keep the site on that free hosting. HostYD limited to a dozen requests for pages after 1 year of hosting, but hostinger limited my account to 3-5 pages visits after only a few days. What can I say, Romanians were always smarter..

All in all, but I’ve seen countless complaints and from those who bought the Premium Packages in youhost network. In my opinion explanation would be the negligence of the manager who “failed” to remove limitations of that account (which I understand is set manually, or can be set manually) after the hoowner has upgraded to a premium account.

I’ve seen also complaints from “resellers” or “affiliates”, as they also are in a similar situation, beeing sqeezzed by the affiliates that they have got themselves the free hosting from (yes, reseller hosting is also free up to a point).

The is no Hostinger company in Romania, so it is virtually impossible to report, you sue them or to execute them. So in the end you wasted money and nerves and time.

The choice is yours.
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Last time we uploaded a wordpress site to Hostinger and it’s work fine two months , one day this sites stops working and received a mail from Hostinger like this

“Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 23 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server”

we are surprised and contact to customer support, they replied after 2 days with same copy paste dialogs, they are blocked file manager access and ftp, so we are trapped with Hostinger , so our team take a decision to move our site to VPS and watch all CPU process , we are closely watch this site every day, there is no issue with this site and it’s running smoothly.

the main problem, they need payment so they are stop our websites after 2, 3 months so don’t forgot to backup

Hostinger review

Hostinger review

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