Magazine RichWell Drops New Album Launches GoFundMe Campaign


Magazine RichWell Drops New Album, Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Magazine RichWell and her team are churning awareness and raising funds for the artist’s advancement in the music industry

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, JUNE 27, 2016 – Magazine RichWell continues to forge her presence in the music world, and the most recent announcement from her team is designed at aligning Magazine RichWell with higher success.

First, Magazine RichWell has announced the release of her album Hats On Hooks. The all-new album gives listeners a taste of Magazine RichWell’s artistry, talent, and style.

The second announcement from Magazine RichWell is the launch of a GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping her reach the next level in her career. In a video posted on the crowfunding campaign’s page, donors can see Magazine RichWell’s team of dedicated marketers and designers.

During the video, Magazine RichWell’s unique style is also explained, and she encouraged people to be on fire.

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