Move from windows to Linux


Move from windows to Linux?

There are many people who still think/believe that Windows is the only OS that can be installed on their machines. Some even think it’s embedded in all types of computers. The proof is that some times people call you and say “I want to buy a PC, is it a Windows?”. That’s the sad story in which windows has put the world in.

But, let me tell you this. Windows is an Operating System, and as so, it’s not the only OS available in this world. We have more thousand Operating Systems in the world, and among them three are very well knows to most people:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Linux

What is the point?

Basically a PC is just a box and a set of hardware. It becomes a complete computer when any of these OS is installed. The OS offers you all the tools you use to work on your PC: software you can install, design of interfaces, etc. With that it becomes crucial to know and appreciate if a given operating system allows you to install all possible software you might need for your job, is it friendly and handy? Does it offer you enough stability so that you don’t have to be formatting every day? how about viruses, are you safe from them, etc.

Unfortunately, when we ask ourselves those questions Windows suffers a lot. I started using Windows when it was at 95, I think I know something about this operating system. It’s great when you start using computers. I offers an easy-to-get-started option. But the more you work with it, the better you understand some of its weaknesses. Take the case of viruses. You can just install a Windows OS right now and find out that it’s already infested by hundreds of viruses, and the combat against viruses is endless while other OS like Linux based ones do not have viruses.

So, the point is, if you’ve been using windows OS for long now and would like to start enjoying some virus-free Operating System, stability, free software, here is probably a time to switch to Linux.


I know you will still ask this question. Let me give you more explanation on why would one like to stop using Window and go for Linux OS. All operating systems have their pros and cons, but windows has some problems which do not help you much while Linux OS does not suffer from any of these problems:

  • Windows is not free

Please, if you are using a Windows OS and you didn’t purchase a Licence know that you are in the illegal side. Check it well. The same way are most software you will have to install on it.

  • Slow boot

Windows OS can take you up to 2 minutes in normal case, to completely boot your PC and make it available for work. The more you use your Windows based PC, the Slower it goes and the boot may take you up to 15 minutes. If you’ve been using it you should understand this. Maybe you you never considered this as a problem, but you have been wasting a precious part of your time

  • Unwanted updates

Personally I stopped using Windows because of Updates. I just hate this thing on Windows. Simply thinking of it makes feel like blowing up my PC.


And this will keep you locked up for hours, Yes Hours!!! Until you turn off(which is not recommended) the updates, this will be occurring every single day of your life.

Honestly I use to ask myself why are they selling it if Windows OS are not read for production, and then kill people with untimely updates? Why Microsoft?

  • Viruses & anti-viruses issue

How many times Viruses have sent to hell? How many times? Can you count it? It came a time I use to believe virues are aprt of Windows core functionalities. It’s normal 😉

And when we talk of virus we also talk of Anti-Virus(AV). A great business developed around Windows. Another great worry every time you install a Windows OS.

It’s very surprising that Windows OS need Anti-viruses that are not developed by Windows itself. Imagine you buy a McDonald and you need chicken from KFC before eating it. I don’t know if you can see the picture?

More over having those antiviruses does not necessary protect your PC. Very embarrassing situation.

  • windows is adding the Linux command line to Windows 10

What recently shocked most people recently is that Windows is trying, in it version 10, to integrate a Linux kernel. To me this simply means, there is something amazing in Linux that Windows know they don’t have.

Check out some cool things on Linux and the reason why Linux is better than Windows: why linux is better?

Aside all this reasons, as a developer there are some cool features we enjoy while on Linux:

  • develop in an environment which is like your server
  • the only thing you will miss on windows is maybe adobe suite
  • We have Gimp and InkScap to do what is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator do
  • We have the best console
  • Best text editors like Vim
  • Most web servers are running on Linux


author: zooboole , article from phpocean,