Education for today

Education is all about learning who we really are inside and how we can use them to excel outside

Where I come from, education is all about going to school, getting into college and obtaining a degree and then it really doesn’t matter what job you do. And obviously there are plenty of us who are not happy with the job, the working condition, the people they work with and many more.

They call it life and I call it ignorance. When we were young little care was given to what we actually want to become. Some were even scared to have an own opinion about their interests.

Education is all about learning who we really are inside and how we can use them to excel outside. And we don’t need to try to learn everything. So what we have around us is not entirely education especially when studies about relationship, money, interest, self-confidence, self-worth are left out. And we hardly find any adaptation with the changing times.

We see that one often fumbles as he gets out in the physical world with a degree in hand.

One of my friends wanted to be an astronaut very badly. Out of his curiosity, he learned a lot about space much more than anyone of us knew then and knows even now. But, when the time came for him to choose his area of subjects for higher studies, he wasn’t supported to pursue his dream as it was a very rare field from this part of the world. Sadly, his parents couldn’t imagine their son being an astronaut and support him for something they couldn’t foresee.

Now I find him struggling as an electrical engineer. That lesson taught me that it is better to go through a lot of pain for some time than to spend an entire life in pain living a miserable life and wondering why and how did it go wrong.

I often wonder, with the unprecedented future we are walking into, what contribution he could have made to the world, if he had the chance to choose his own path.

What we think is not going to be our future. Not many people end up doing what they always wanted to do. The world is changing ever faster. No one expected to have the numerous new courses we have today which did not exist twenty or thirty years ago.

With the future so uncertain and conditions so new in the outer world, we require all new imagination and the best skills in the inner world to survive and thrive. And I see education as the best tool that can connect our two worlds; the world inside us and the world outside us.

So let’s not misunderstand education as passing exams and earning degrees, but instead the process of knowing your best self and preparing and practicing it for a better life in the world outside.

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