Free website for Charities or Non-Profit Organizations

website for charities

Alts solution introduce new plan for Charities or Non-Profit Organizations

website for charities and free website for non-profit organization,Does your charity need a website, perhaps to fundraise or to keep your members, users, volunteers and sponsors up to date about your organisation’s developments, news and events?  Alts solution develop and design your website free of cost, include 2 emails

Please take special note of our conditions of offer:

  • Your organisation should have a clear charitable purpose or  “non profit”.
  • Religious and political groups are excluded from this offer.
  • Your organisation must not have any paid staff, and an internal running budget of less than $2000 per year.
  • Customer support is limited to 10 hour per year.
  • Your trial must be under way prior to requesting this status, and you must have a link on your website back to thanking us for our support.
  • Final acceptance is strictly subject to our discretion.

Your visitors will want to know about your organisation’s origins, credibility, what it offers to help others, and why it deserves their support.


Website Content
More specifically for your organisation’s website we need :-

  • About your organisation – when and why it was started – it’s objectives – it’s officials and qualified staff with their full names and job titles
  • Activities – a description of the current projects and programs, with photos to illustrate – upto 10 photos that are sharp and well framed.
  • Needs – if requesting donations or sponsorships then we require a readable electronic copy of the organisation’s official Certificate of Registration (as a charity, or equivalent) issued by the relevant Government Ministry and  registration number
  • Other information (optional) – about donating, volunteering, news, events, links etc.

Please send text in Microsoft Word or plain text format with photos incorporated within the text or as separate .jpg attachments.

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