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  • Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services Understanding its viability

    Outsourcing SEO services: Understanding its viability With the internet enjoying immense popularity among users across the globe, digital or online marketing is said to have gained wide recognition. The majority of the businesses are noticed to make use of this tool to benefit from it. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand its workings. Online marketing […]

  • find Affordable Expired Domains

    find Affordable Expired Domains

    Expired domains are domains that the owner has let expire, has forgotten about or no longer wants. Every day there are people in the SEO community that make a living in the expiring domain auctions. That’s a whole other topic. Today we’re going to focus on finding expired domains for the lowest possible cost and […]

  • Now begins the link building fun

    Now begins the link building fun

    Backlinks to your website are like internet currency. Google and other search engines heavily consider those links when determining the domain (DA) and page authority (PA). A general rule of thumb. If two sites have similar content the one that has higher quality backlinks will rank higher. A link building strategy should be the cornerstone […]

  • Negative seo

    Negative seo

    What is negative seo Bad reputation = lower ranking, Negative SEO is the practice of using unethical techniques to hurt a website’s SERP (ranking in search engines). this is an attempt to negatively impact a competitor’s website rank. also negative SEO tactics reduce website reputation through bad links. Negative seo tactics you know there is […]

  • Google Fred update

    Google Fred update

    Google Fred update and recovery Google Fred Update Targets Ad Heavy, Low Value Content Sites starts this march 2017. Although Google has not yet confirmed anything ( John Mueller has simply said that they make many changes daily), the last update of his algorithm occurred in early February If your site has high ads, low-quality […]

  • Udemy free seo tutorial

    Udemy free seo tutorial

    SEO Beginners Udemy is an online marketplace dedicated specifically to learning. 10 million+ students are taking courses in a wide variety of topics from programming to photography and also includes topics such as yoga and meditation, you can practically find a course on virtually anything. FREE SEO TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS Title Link 1. SEO For […]

  • High PR directory submission sites

    High PR directory submission sites

      Apparent benefits of directory submission:  Increased Presence over Internet  Additional Organic Traffic to your website  Quality one-way links improving the page-rank of your website As there are thousands of web directories, businesses can have an added advantage of getting listed on them under suitable categories! In fact, businesses can target specific cities or regions […]

  • Optimise your site

    Optimise your site

    How search engines work is part of their proprietary knowledge. The exact workings of their algorithms are closely guarded commercial secrets. However, guidance to how these algorithms (or algos) work can be found or deduced from various sources. Some general guidance is available free, directly from the search engines’ own web sites. Some guidance can […]

  • Tricks To Market Your Website

    Tricks To Market Your Website

    New Year is ready to knock your doors with new dreams, challenges, and opportunities for your business. No matter, how many mistakes you have done in your past year, it’s time to correct them all. This may give a kick-start to your career and let you touch the new heights in your business. The first […]

  • New Penguin Update Mean for SEO

    During the last several years, SEO professionals and site owners learned to dread this word. For them, it had nothing to do with that cute little animal trying to run around down there on the South Pole – it had everything to do with site penalties and ranking drops. Well, Google recently announced that Penguin […]