Negative seo

What is negative seo

Bad reputation = lower ranking, Negative SEO is the practice of using unethical techniques to hurt a website’s SERP (ranking in search engines). this is an attempt to negatively impact a competitor’s website rank. also negative SEO tactics reduce website reputation through bad links.

Negative seo tactics

you know there is two type of seo, one is white hate and another one is black hat,practice of using black hat or Negative SEO is basically the exact opposite of search engine optimization,if you notice a sudden drop in your search traffic then – assuming you haven’t been up to anything dodgy yourself – it could be a sign of negative SEO.

How To Do Negative SEO Attack

Links pointing to your site with “sketchy” keyword

linking sexual contents,heading,hyperlinks are example of Negative seo

Bad review

creating bad reviews all over the internet from fake id’s, uploading bad images also

Removal website top authoritative links

competitors remove our top authoritative links, requesting web masters creating requests etc..

DDoS attack

denying users access to a particular website,is a coordinated hack done through multiple computers serving as bots

Spammy link-building to your website

Create Thousands of low quality links specially Blog comments,Press Releases,Reciprocal Linking,Directories,Guest Posting etc

content Duplication

Copy content from our website and upload to low quality websites and high quality websites , include article submission etc ,You can check if your website has duplicate pages on the internet using

Buy negative seo

if some one write negatively on web or any negative link effect our business we can choose negative seo, sometime negative link appear on front page then we can choose negative seo, buying negative seo is related to Online Reputation Management company (ORM), there is lot of seo company’s providing ORM and negative seo

manually create positive reviews, comments, links posts and article are related to ORM

Negative seo recovery

In order to resolve and recover your traffic and rankings after a Google penalty, we are following a very precise plan to be sure to be successful. To do so, we need to consider all the following actions:

Google Webmaster Tools

Set up Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts Google can send you email alerts when:

Your website is being attacked by malware
Your pages are not indexed
You have server connectivity problems
You get a manual penalty from Google

If you haven’t already, connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

Negative seo

Disavow tool

create a disavow list or modify your existing disavow, you must understand how it is formatted in order not to mess anything up. On the other hand, the format is very simple. The disavow list can contain a combination of comments, individual URLs, and entire domains to be disavowed. It will look something like this:

Negative seo

obviously one of the most inexplicable tools of Google since its announcement in October 2012, also you can use disavow tool when

If your site has received manual penalty from Google
If your site has received an algorithmic penalty from Google
In the process of routine examination of your site’s spammy links and their removal
To file your disavow file, go to the disavow tool, and select your site from the dropdown list.Negative seo
When disavow start to work?
ext time that Google crawls spammy link or page on domain that links to you

Submit a Reconsideration Request

The reconsideration process is the final part to obtain the recovery from a Google penalty. contact the Google Webspam team to ask them to reconsider your website case showing that we took all the necessary steps and actions to rectify the wrong-doing.

Google alerts

Google Alerts may not be one of Google’s most popular services, but it’s definitely one of the most useful services
Google alerts (content change detection and notification service)to monitor online mentions of your brand more generally, and get email notifications customized to your preferences, so you can reply to customers and clients and solve issues as soon as possible. so you can track every reviews,negative reviews, comments in other websites easy

Penguin Update and Negative seo

algorithm changes around 300–500 times in a year Google algorithm Penguin detects and discounts spammy links,Google discredits this type of links, maybe updating the Penguin algorithm or something else.update seems to have happened around February 1, 2017,it’s means google detect this type of activities and competitors doing blackhat or negative seo

link from low pr directory, forums, and comments will not effects your SERP, it’s a good news

Google always ensure SERP quality, so negative seo is not a good deal and one day google will kill negative seo permanently.


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