YouTube Live or youtube broadcasting

Live your events using YouTube Live / youtube broadcasting

YouTube Live or youtube broadcasting is free and there is no limitation for watching, also live video will recorded to your channel

With Google Hangouts, you can host up to 10 people in a video conversation and also share a stream of that Hangout. As a citizen journalist, you could host a stream on a particular topic and invite other individuals, experts or journalists to join the conversation.

At present, you can live stream your Hangout to YouTube if you are streaming from a computer. This means that anyone who can watch your YouTube channel can also see your streaming video. To share the Hangout, you’ll need to use Google Hangouts On Air. .If you are using a mobile device instead of a Mac or PC to record

It’s free to download and to use Google

Optimise Your Google Hangout/YouTube
To see statistics on your video views, log into YouTube and open the page where you find your Hangout video. Click ‘Analytics’.

Let’s Go !

To usig YouTube Live, you need to have a YouTube channel first. Every Google/Gmail account comes with a YouTube login as well. You just need to create a YouTube channel if you haven’t done it already. Click on your profile pic on the top right corner and click on Creator Studio.
youtube live



On the left sidebar click on Events under Live Streaming
youtube live



Enable Live Streaming

read terms and condition and agree 🙂


then click on create live event button



here you can edit your event name,you can edit your even schedule etc, in type section select quick, using hangouts on air


click start broadcasting


yes now your event is live, you can pause your live streaming in control panel also enable live chat etc


You’ll see a screen like this, where you can track your stream status, average live view duration, total view time and more.

Advanced user’s

if your advanced user and you need to broadcast this event on your website, you need to select encoder setup

and use this info on your Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 etc, use server url and stream key





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