find Affordable Expired Domains

Expired domains are domains that the owner has let expire, has forgotten about or no longer wants. Every day there are people in the SEO community that make a living in the expiring domain auctions.

That’s a whole other topic. Today we’re going to focus on finding expired domains for the lowest possible cost and what to do with them.

First, let’s cover some of the basics.


Where can you find Expired Domains?

There are several ways which you can go about finding expired or expiring domains. Paid services like DomCop and GoDaddy.

There are also free services like ExpiredDomains.netFreshDrop, and Moonsy.

Each has its advantage. DomComp and Moonsy, for example, both contain additional information about the domains backlinks, history, and other authority factors.

Something else to consider when determining which platform is the ultimate use case for the domain.

Is it going to be your main money site? A churn and burn content or blog site? Are just using it for the backlinks? All of these are important in determining which domains you purchase.

My preferences in the above would be I use it to identify websites with low spam probability, quality backlinks, and high domain authority.


Here is what I typically look for when looking through searches

Let me start with the list of tools I use in conjunction with

  • PA/DA Checker – Moz Open Site Explore is my favorite; quick, easy and free
  • TF/CF Checker – Majestic Site Explorer is my go to; free with a username/password
  • Backlink Checker – SEO SpyGlass is a free option, but you can use just about any backlink checker
  • will help you check past content on the site, highly recommend this step.

Once you have the tools needed to make a quality purchase decision. You’ll need to answer those questions that we laid out before.

What is the purpose of your purchase?

If you are a beginner to search engine optimization or expired domains, you’re most likely looking into these types of domains to boost the authority of your money site (or your client’s site).

So let’s stick to that.


Finding the perfect domain for your business

Let’s say you have a plastic surgeon that is looking to improve their organic search rankings.

Ideally, you’ll want to a domain with a near keyword match (rhinoplasty, surgery, breast aug, etc.) or a geographic (phoenix, new york, etc.) match. Those carry more weight when pushing link juice from the expired domain to the money site.


You also want to add a couple filtering options to find more quality links. Here is typically what I put.

Once you click ‘Apply’ you’ll also want to sort everything by the ‘DP’ which is the domain pop, or the number of domains with backlinks pointing to that site.

That should spit out a list similar to this.



If it is your first time doing this, you’ll want to open up the tools from the list above. Start entering the URL’s to find out what you are working with.


What to look for when doing your research

Here is what you are looking for, generally. A domain that is older than 1 year, has a domain authority above 20, and positive trust flow, and minimal to no spammy backlinks.

That is much easier said than actually done. It takes practice to realize these things. Let’s run the ‘plasticsurgeryinhouston’ example through the ringer.

  • PA/DA Checkexpired-domains-open-site-explorer-search

With a domain authority above 20, it definitely passes the PA/DA check. I’m also liking the backlinks that the Moz program was able to identify.

  • TF/CF Checkexpired-domains-site-explore-sample-search

This is another really good sign. You want the TF and CF to be close to even, or you want the Trust Flow to be higher. This is Majestic’s ranking for checking the quality of backlinks pointing to that domain.

  • Backlink Analysis

spyglass-expired-domains-backlink-checkspyglass-expired-domains-anchor-text check

From the first glance, the backlink profile looks good. There are a solid amount of follow to nofollow links. The number of domains pointing to this domain are low, but we can deal with that.

Even the anchor text contains some quality targeted keywords.


The final steps once they pass the sniff test

Once you’ve identified a quality domain, you’ll want to select a domain registrar to purchase it. Or if it is a live auction you’ll want to proceed to that site.

I prefer to use domain registrants that can easily load WordPress. Bluehost and GoDaddy are great options.

A really important step, make sure you check all the backlinks pointing to your new domain. You’ll want to recreate those or redirect them to appropriate pages.

This maintains link equity and ensures you won’t use any domain authority.





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