How laboSoft – Pathology Software | Lab Management Software helps automated billing process

Running a pathology lab and lab management is not a easy task, always keep eye on responsibilities like patient specimen collection, staff management, equipment checking, diagnostic process and deliver Pathology lab result to end user at time.

Probably human make mistakes, We all make them, it is part of what makes us human but when comes to a Pathology lab result, it effects as a huge mistake. In this scenario Pathology Software or Lab Management Software like LaboSoft helps us to automates overall diagnostic lab operations from test booking to reports delivery quite accurate. Overall 60 percentage Pathology Labs change to cloud software to avoid this errors and issues

We all know old school setup like software keep the data in one place and serve from a local computer, Here LaboSoft helps to speed up all process and get more revenue. Because labosoft helps to book online , offline. LaboSoft affordable and labosoft software solution that takes your business to a higher level.

Lab Management Software Information

  • Create patient orders
  • Manage order
  • Monitoring orders progress and keep track of lab practices
  • Manage order, billing, invoice and sample testing records

Test Booking using mobile application

LaboSoft provides free custom made android app for every lab’s, so patients can register through mobile app and select packages pay online.

Test Booking in front office using Pathology Software

using LaboSoft pathology lab and lab management software, office staff or font office staff can book test’s from frontoffice panel and make payment offline, here patient will get an OTP to their phone number and verify booking

Home collection option

specimen collection option available in laboSoft pathology software, user can select service locations through mobile app and get update on mobile app

Quality Improvement of pathology lab and lab management software

LaboSoft takes care of lab practices and helps to improve the quality of processes. Now a days pathologists are recommending pathology lab and lab management software to deploy in their diagnostic center, just because of quality, ease the work , also helps to deliver accurate test reports.

Time saving and Error free work

manual entries increase the chance of mistakes and errors in result, its should be resolved, here Labsoft comes with a accurate report generation






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